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Original Tales of Supernatural Conspiracy, Mystery and Intrigue. If you like Urban Fantasy Serials you will love this. Terror Firma is a world much like our own but hidden in the shadows are supernatural creatures.

Unlike most settings that would have these beings simply as interesting antagonists, I delve into their hidden societies and conspiracies to see what makes them tick. There are many things in this world that may seem familiar yet there are things that you likely have not seen before.

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All work unless otherwise stated is owned by me, the writer and is protected by copyright. Terror Firma Earth Logo: all rights reserved



Odyssey is a saga about a man who is a stranger to everyone, even to himself. He goes on a journey to find himself again and to find out about the terrible world he finds himself in. If you like Scary Stories, you will love this. He is joined on his journey by Astarte, a woman who knows a lot more about his past than she is willing to say.

Human Resources

Deborah Gordan’s life was a simple happy one until one day her girlfriend disappeared and everything changed. She finds herself in a world foreign to her yet disturbingly familiar. The sins of the past will not be forgotten nor forgiven. Do you believe in vampires? I think its time you did.


Why is it that such a seemingly simple school incident has attracted the attention of a secretive government agency concerned with the Occult? Jason is a quiet, straight-A student, he has never been in trouble before, he is a good boy. He wouldn’t really want to hurt those boys even if they were mean to him. It was all just a misunderstanding, an accident surely. Above all else it was completely non-supernatural right?

Skin Deep

Coming soon

The Primrose Path

Coming soon

Digital Demon 

Coming Soon

Latest Releases

Human Resources Part 5

Reading coming 26th July 6pm BST

Faced with a mad proposition in the moonlight that could change the world as he knows it and beyond, what will Johann decide to do? And what does it all mean for Deborah and the world of today?

Odyssey Part 6 – The Tree Roots of Evil

Reading available now

Some say money is the root of all evil, others religion but surely its something deeper, something older than recorded history, and why is it that good and evil are so easily separated anyway? Good and evil are surely two sides of a coin; a coin that often lands on its side.

Roots run deep in the town of Malum, what will the Stranger and Astarte find at its centre?

Coming in the Next Few Weeks

Odyssey Part 7 – By the Sword

Coming coming 2nd August 6pm BST and Reading coming 9th August 6pm BST


Human Resources Part 6

Coming 9th August 6pm BST and Reading coming 16th August 6pm BST


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I highly encourage feedback and all constructive criticism is appreciated though abuse of myself or others will not be tolerated.

Terror Firma is entirely fictional and should be taken as such. DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to replicate any illegal or immoral actions done by characters. Real life unlike fiction has real consequences for yourself and others.

If you are affected by issues in any story, please seek relevant help; this could be any of the following friends, family, police, a charity or a therapist, depending on the nature of the issue. Know that there are people out there who can help you.

Some stories may contain swearing and or adult themes, this will vary from story to story. Anyone under the age of 18 should only read, watch or listen to any Terror Firma stories with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Much thanks to Muddled Exploits for featuring one of my stories in their podcast:



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