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Cacophony Part 2 Reading

Miss Humphries arrived early at the train station and bought her ticket. Sitting down on seating near the track she looked over at the information screen to her right, the words ‘Unexpected delays, up to two hours’ looked back at her. She sighed and waited for the train to arrive. She was daydreaming when the sound of the opening train doors got her to return her attention to her surroundings; getting up she got inside the rail car and sat herself down. Before long a male figure abruptly appeared before her.
“Who are you? What do you want?” She asked startled.

“I’m a police officer ma’am.” He held up a badge then a handbag. “Is this your bag?”
“Yes, it is. I’m sorry.” She says before looking down holding her forehead.
He passes her the bag. “That’s ok ma’am. Are you alright?”
“Jennifer will do. It’s just…” she holds her face breathing in and out slowly.
“Well we’ve got a long train ride. Why don’t I sit so we can talk about it?”
“All… right.”
He sat next to her. “My duty is to protect and serve. I genuinely want to help.”
“It’s a mess. I can’t believe I’m here on a train to London. It was all fine but suddenly there was an incident at school. I’m a teacher. Did I mention that? Anyway, this man came, said he was from some government agency. As crazy as it sounds. This boy, the sweetest boy you could ever meet, he … I think he… took the boy away. It’s all so blurry, I can’t even remember what the man looked like. This was yesterday… at least, I think it was. When I woke up this morning, I had a banging headache, I have only glimpses of anything. The boy wasn’t at school today. The orphanage… did I tell you he was an orphan? Anyway, the orphanage say he had been adopted and taken the night before but refused to tell me any details, said it was child protection. The head teacher Samantha Baxter she did something that much I know, what isn’t clear is what exactly. I snuck into her house… I mean.”

Realising what she said, she began to hyperventilate.

“Ma’am, I mean Jennifer please calm down. I’m not going to arrest you. If this is really a matter of child protection, I’m sure a simple unauthorised access can be forgiven as long as there was no criminal damage.”
She started to calm down. “Alright. So, I snuck into her home and found her computer on. I found several emails, back and forth between her and someone, didn’t give their name. They mentioned the boy and one named a train station in London. I found a black card, looks like some kind of key card. It’s kind of long shot but…”
“You thought you’d come looking for the boy yourself.”
She nodded. “I tried talking to the police but after a quick phone call to the school, they threatened to charge me with wasting police time.”
“I see, well that’s quite a story. You are clearly distressed, I’m currently off duty but the least I can do is help you put your mind at ease.”
“Do you… think I’m crazy? You must do, I think I sound crazy.
“No Jennifer not at all. You need help no matter the truth and I intend to help you all I can.”
“You are so kind, I don’t even know your name.”
“Jones, Constantine Jones.”
“Constantine hmm… that’s an unusual name.”
“I like it, its distinctive.”
“Well tell me Constantine why did you want to be a police officer?”
“My mother told me to do something honourable, make people feel safe.”
“Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman.”
“Oh, she was.”
“I’m sorry…. when…?”
“When I was still a boy, but I carry her with me every day.”
“You are an armed officer I see.” She remarks seeing the strap under his jacket.
“I hate carrying a gun but it’s becoming an increasingly necessary evil. Y’know with events over the past few years.”

Jennifer nods, knowing that life had seemingly become much more dangerous over the past few years. The two continue to discuss, covering a variety of topics, as the train marched onto their destination. Eventually though the train stopped at their destination and they got to their feet.

“I guess its journey’s end.” He observed.
“Yeah I guess it is.”

The pair found several offices in the station, they all required a metal key to enter, all except one which seemed to open only by key card. Sliding the black card through the scanner, the card clicked open.

“I’m really glad that worked.” She commented somewhat quietly though loud enough for Constantine to hear.

They slipped into a room that looked like an ordinary windowless office only with a lift at the side of the room. He carefully shut the door closed behind them.

“All right I don’t know what we are going to find but be careful and don’t leave my side.”
She nodded and pressed the button to call the lift. Stepping inside the two were greeted to a single button, Constantine reached over and pressed it. A typically sedate tune played as the lift descended. When the doors opened again the duo found themselves in a large underground facility combining experimentation, training and general research.

“What would such a place be doing down here? Unless you were right after all.” He concluded looking over at Jennifer.
“That’s alright I wouldn’t have believed me if I was you either.”
“Well follow after me and try not to attract any undue attention.”

He led her through the various rooms, and she had confidence in his police training. Eventually he led her into a room and who was in there but Samantha Baxter.

“Well it is a pleasure truly. I was getting worried you weren’t going to make it.”

Constantine slammed the door shut behind him. Turning back to look at him, Jennifer realised she had been led into a trap.

“You are the agent, aren’t you? You tricked me and led me here. Why?”

“That’s simple we needed to take you to a secure location where we could deal with you. Allow me to introduce my boss, my real boss. This is Constantine Jones, he oversees investigations of the Abnormal Intelligence Service in the North West. We had been watching the siren for a while, I was planted to keep an eye on him.”
“I trusted you! I respected you! How could do this to me? To Jason? Where is Jason anyway?”
“’Jason’ is not human, he is threat to us all and I did my duty. A threat that has been eliminated.”

“You killed him?! He was just a boy, he was harmless and you, I bought all the stuff about your mother and having to carry a gun. You seemed like such a nice genuine person.”
“That was actually all true. Most of the time it’s easier to tell the truth than it is to make up a lie. The only thing I lied about was being a police officer and pretending not to know about what happened or what this place was but otherwise I was completely honest.”
“Well that doesn’t forgive anything you’ve done here.”
“It’s a pity because we thought there was some potential for you. Give Thanatos my regards.”
“Who? What?”

While he had her distracted, Samantha snuck up behind her sticking a syringe into her neck and interjecting her with its deadly contents. This time it was not memory loss and forced sleep that had befallen her but death.

So ends the Cacophony.
Constantine Jones and Samantha Baxter will return in Digital Demon coming soon.

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Published by Alex Burton

My name is Alex Burton. I am a 22-year-old Computing Graduate from the North West of England but computing as you can imagine is not where my dreams truly lie. Having finished University (those unfamiliar with the British education system should note that College and University are separate, and we don’t have middle school) I have been volunteering at two primary schools in my local area. Having received support in both primary and secondary school I wanted to give something back as it were. Terror Firma has its origins in my last year or so of high school but has come a long way since then, I actually found an extremely early draft of my notes a few months ago and well I can scarcely bare to read it. I worked on the setting alongside studying through college and university, and now I feel it’s ready to unveil.

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