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“We should really get him into hospital.” Stated Samantha.

“I said no doctors!” Retorted Astarte.

“He will be fine, he’s not dead and isn’t dying. It was very risky; he could have died then and there but his body managed to tank the damage.”

The Willow Twins are tending to the Stranger who is laying on Samantha’s sofa, trying to check his pulse covering up his wounds and placing a wet cloth over his forehead.


“Yes, he SHOULD be dead, he was just as close to the explosion as Masters and for him it was fatal. You two, there’s something not right about you.” Samantha affirmed.

“Oh, honey there’s lots of things but it hasn’t stopped you looking at him.”

“What? No! I’ve got idea what you are talking about.”

“It’s not the first time a girl has fallen for him, there’s been a few, a few guys too.”

“Guys? Never mind… I haven’t fallen for anyone. Look I get you’re protective.”

“I’m protecting YOU. He’s not good for you. If you think that me and him… look I’m sorry. Why don’t we just all have something to drink to calm our nerves? I’ll look after him while you and the Willow Twins get some drinks prepared.”

“You’re right. That should help us all relax.”


“John, Ronald; can you help me in the kitchen?” Samantha asked turning to the brothers.

They both nodded and the trio headed into the kitchen leaving Astarte alone with the Stranger. When Samantha came out with the drinks the pair had gone, finding the door wide open, she ran out and looked around for any sign of them.

“Mogul! Whatever your name is! Astarte!” She called helplessly into the air.



“What’s all this shouting about?” Queried her father who had appeared behind her.

“He’s… he’s gone.” She replied solemnly still looking away from him.

“Well that’s good. That’s what I asked you to do, come on in child or you will catch a cold.”


Astarte had taken the Stranger to a motel, holding him up with his left arm hanging over her shoulder. The Receptionist was a slightly chubby woman in her early forties with long brunette hair going down to just below her shoulders.

“Oh, when did you get there? You startled to me. Hey welcome to the Annalee Motel. I’m Mary, how can I help you?” Uttered the Receptionist.

“I’d like to book a room for me and my husband. I hope you will forgive his lack of consciousness; he’s had a little too much to drink.”

“I see it all the time ma’am its no problem at all. I hope you are enjoying your stay here, don’t get many tourists around here but we are glad for the business. We just need to go over a few details and we can get you booked in.”


Colonel Masters had in fact been retrieved by his men after returning to his normal entirely human form and was given medical care until he recovered. Eventually he was summoned to a meeting with a man representing the government.

“Colonel Gregory Masters, we’ve been reviewing the evidence. We believe there is a massive threat from these creatures, far greater than the reds.” Stated the man.

“You have no idea. Almost my entire platoon could have been wiped out by a single creature.” Responded the Colonel.

“Well we have come to conclusion an agency should be started to document and combat this threat; the Bureau of Occult Research and Intelligence. It’s already been signed off on.”

“Hhmm BORI, I like it… But what of me?”

“You have done your country a great service. We offer you retirement with a medal of honour.”

“I can’t retire sir; I’ve still got work to do.”

“We thought you might say that. The BORI will require a director, there is honestly no one we would prefer over you.”

“It would be my pleasure. But this needs to be entirely underground, more secret than the CIA or FBI. We need to be nothing more than a whisper, a rumour.”

“Whatever you need Colonel, you will have it.”

Colonel Masters looks off into the distance.

“I’m going to need black suits…”


It had taken the Stranger about two weeks to recover from the explosion. His eyes flicker open and saw Astarte standing over him, finding himself in unfamiliar surroundings.

“Where am I? Where’s Samantha and the brothers? What happened?”

“What happened is you killed the monster but nearly killed yourself in the process. I’d be proud if it wasn’t so stupid.  You always did have a habit of putting yourself in harms way to do what you thought was right so I shouldn’t have been surprised. They are safe, away from us.”

“I never even got to say goodbye.”

“Its better this way. You are my first priority, but I don’t exactly want to cause collateral damage if I can help it. You’d never forgive me for that, the real you at least.”

“We must have been very close for you to know so much about me.”

“Closer than you could ever imagine.”


There is a sudden knock at the door and Astarte startled jumps up to her feet.

“You stay here.” She warned as she went to approach the door.


The knocking continued getting louder and closer together.

“Alright, alright, I’m coming.”


She looked through the keyhole and just saw Mary, the receptionist. Without thinking she just unbolted the door and let her in. Mary and a slightly older man with a beard ploughed through the door holding guns.

“Should never have brought him here, not after what he did!” Mary cackled.


The man held his gun at Astarte as Mary went over to hold her gun at the Stranger’s head.
“You think your guns frightened me?” Astarte retorted grabbing the man by the neck and lifting him up off his feet.

“Put down my husband or your man gets a bullet through his thick skull!” Yelled Mary.

“You wouldn’t! I bet you’ve never shot that thing in your life!”

“Wanna bet? Even better want to bet his life on it?”


Astarte lowers her husband back to the floor and releases him from her grasp. He coughed and spluttered recovering from the assault.


“Get down on the floor and put your hands on your head!” Ordered Mary.


Defeated Astarte did what she was told. Taking out some rope from his pocket, Mary’s husband tied up the arms and legs of their two guests.


Continues in Odyssey 5 – The Town He Forgot

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