Odyssey Part 9 Reading


The Stranger despite going through a mental experience that would drive most to madness was on a high, the fresh air in his lungs, the blood circulating in his veins and then…. WHACK!

When the Stranger awoke, he found himself in a very familiar looking motel room. His vision was met by Colonel Gregory Masters, who stood before him in his new suit.

“I was hoping I’d never have to see your spiteful face again. So, what’s with the suit? You take a career change into the corporate sector?” Asked the Stranger.

“This is not a game Mogul!” The Colonel scowled.

“I guess you turning into Bigfoot’s bigger uglier cousin escaped your superiors notice then?”

“The results of Black Project Alpha were… regrettable.”

“Finally, a bit of humility, you had me worried there.”

“You are dangerous Mogul; I can’t just let you roam free.”

“Why don’t you just let me go? Your hubris will only lead to suffering.”

“This is not about me! You are a threat to this nation! To every nation!”

“A threat you took out with a baseball bat and a good swing.”

“Its almost like you don’t know how powerful you are or maybe you are just good at playing dumb.”

“A bit of both I think.”

“You know it was your blood that made me transform into that beast. You appear human, you have everything a human has and seemingly nothing out of the ordinary yet with just the smallest examination its obvious there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye.”

“My blood made you turn into that thing?”

“It was and that is why I am so determined to keep you locked away. Not only to protect the public but also so we can learn from you. Its all because of you that the BORI started.”

“The what?”

“The Bureau of Occult Research and Intelligence. I’m no longer an army Colonel, instead I am the head of a government organisation that is but in its infancy. We have already learned everything we know from you, but we want to know more, we NEED to know more.”

“I don’t even know who I am! You can thank yourself for that.”

“Not all knowledge is transferred by words, interrogation can only go so far as it is.”

“What more could you hope to learn from my blood?”

“You know what’s curious Mogul? Why you ended up here, in the town of Malum. Means apple or evil, it’s Latin don’t you know?”

“Cleverer than you look and act, aren’t you? I assure you there was nothing specific about this choice of refuge.”

“You are sharp with words, aren’t you? Like a serpent in the grass. Well it all ends here; I assure you of that.”

“Oh yes? And what elaborate scheme does one have now? And how many lives do you plan to put in danger this time?”

“There will be only one in danger this time, well fatality is a kind of danger, right?”

“So, what you going to do transfer me back to the base and execute me?”

“That’s really quiet a distance, when I could just have you killed now, and your body parts harvested for research. A brain in a jar, a liver in a bag a bone to pick.”
“Come on you can’t handle that yourself, you are kidding yourself.”


There’s a knock on the motel room door. The Colonel walks over to the door and opens it for two men in full medical scrubs, before closing the door behind them. They were wearing mouth masks.

“Allow me to introduce your doctors. It turns out an apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away.” The Colonel mocks.

The Stranger starts struggling at the restraints.

“Let me go! You can’t do this!” The Stranger begged desperately.

“Get your scalpels ready gentleman and begin!” The Colonel ordered.


To be continued…

Published by Alex Burton

My name is Alex Burton. I am a 22-year-old Computing Graduate from the North West of England but computing as you can imagine is not where my dreams truly lie. Having finished University (those unfamiliar with the British education system should note that College and University are separate, and we don’t have middle school) I have been volunteering at two primary schools in my local area. Having received support in both primary and secondary school I wanted to give something back as it were. Terror Firma has its origins in my last year or so of high school but has come a long way since then, I actually found an extremely early draft of my notes a few months ago and well I can scarcely bare to read it. I worked on the setting alongside studying through college and university, and now I feel it’s ready to unveil. Terrorfirma.blog

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