The Month of Jack Part 1 Reading

“Ladies and gentlemen, it begins now. They are here. Tuck your shirts in and stand to attention we only have one shot at this. I know we are a little understaffed right now, but we only have two VIP guests to worry about for the moment. The additional staff will arrive with the first wave of guests when we open to the public in four days time. The helicopter has touched down, good luck everyone.” Declared George Horrocks.

He was the owner of Autumn Falls, an island holiday resort dedicated to Halloween. They were due to open to the public for the first time on the fourth of October, which was four days from now. Today however the resort was being visited by a VIP couple; Nicholas and Molly Carol. George Horrocks was a slightly tubby middle-aged man with balding hair, he was wearing a full suit with white shirt and red tie. He wiped a bead of sweat from his head, seemingly as nervous as everyone if not more. He adjusted his tie as the helicopter finished its descent.

All the staff currently on the island, save the bulk of the security crew, were standing with him, though the sheriff and her deputy were present. Thomas Gillman was the head chef, Ariel Sims was a maid, John Millwood was a server and Ginger Jackson was another server. Finally, there was Jeanette Fay the sheriff of the island resort and Edward ‘Ed’ Smith her deputy.

Jeanette Fay appeared to be in her late thirties or early forties, her hair was blonde and straight coming down to just above her shoulders. She had brown eyes and a short button nose. She was dressed in a practical blue shirt and blue trousers with a sheriff badge clipped to her chest; it was intended to invoke a similar appearance to that of a police uniform.

Edward Smith was unsurprisingly dressed similarly to Jeanette, though had a badge that said deputy rather than sheriff. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties with short brown curly hair. He had blue eyes and an unfortunately big nose.

They were all stood in front of Gluttony Manor, a large grandiose restaurant inspired by Victorian manor homes. It just screamed wealth and prosperity from its thatched roof to its majestic stone stairs that guided people up to its entrance.

The Carol’s walked from the helicopter with all the grace and precision that could be expected from a couple of such wealth, it was as if they were walking down an invisible red carpet. Molly had clearly had work done but did look better for it, times have not always been good for her. She had long brunette hair that went down to the middle of her back. She had green eyes, a large expensive wedding ring, red high heeled shoes and a costly red dress that went down to her knees. Nicholas was wearing a white suit with a red bowtie and sensible smart black shoes. He had short straight black hair and dark blue eyes. He too seemed to have had work done, he smiled but times have not always been happy for him. George shook both their hands with a slight nervous tick.

“Welcome to Autumn Falls, I’m Mr Horrocks, uh Mr George Horrocks. I hope you enjoy your stay with us, it’s an honour to have you both here.” George stated.

“If you will excuse me sir. I’m due to check up on the security team.” Uttered Jeanette patting her boss on the shoulder

“Oh? Right yes of course. Go ahead.” He responded.

She made her way to side of the restaurant out of view from the other staff members and their guests. She brought her walkie talkie to her mouth and began to speak.

“Report you know the drill… I repeat report. Hello? James? Anders? Jenna? Elliot? Tabitha? Somebody report.”

Startled she went over to Edward and tapped his shoulder before gesturing for them to speak privately, guiding him to the spot she was just in.

“Is there something wrong Jeanette?” Edward asked.

“Radio silence. Nobody is answering.” She replied.

“Maybe your radio is just dead. I’ll try.”

He picks up his own walkie talkie and tries to contact the security team himself.

“Report… report please. Tabitha? Elliot? Jenna? Anders? James? Anybody?” He spoke into the device.

“Two dead radios Ed? That’s too much of a coincidence with an event like this.” Declared Jeanette.

“Well best not cause any alarm till we know what happened.” Edward responded.

“We better stick together. Everyone will be sticking together on the lawn for now so safety in numbers for them.”

“You got the thing to track their radios?”

“Always you know me.”

Getting out a small device that looked like a Satnav, she tapped the screen clearly confused by what it showed her.

“That’s odd very odd.” She spoke finally.

“What is?” He inquired.

“With their patrol patterns they shouldn’t all be bunched together like this.”

“Let me take a look.”

“Sure, go ahead.” She responded passing it to him.

He looked it over himself and tapped the screen same as she did before handing it back to her.

“Perhaps this is just faulty too? This island is notorious for bad phone signals, so maybe this is just by the by.” He offered.

“Why didn’t I just stay working for loss prevention? Drug addicts and chavs better than creepy occurrences on freak show island.” She pondered.

“I thought you liked the team here.”

“I do but it gets a bit too morbid at times, a bit too weird, y’know?”

“I know what you mean; sometimes I hear strange noises at night that chill me to the bone.”

“Well we better go check out the radio signals. Just behind the restaurant by the looks of things.”

They followed the signals on the tracker to the back of the restaurant and found the still bodies of the security team. There were deep lacerations to their necks, their faces brutally disfigured, their stomachs were slit open and their intestines were hanging out in long strings. It also appeared there was some level of mutilation to the genital area of each of the victims.  There was a blood splattered piece of paper stuck into the stone wall with a knife. The knife sported a large curved handle, bigger than any common blade, it went up bout an inch before curving sideways and starting to widen out before shrinking back into the point at the end.

“Now that definitely didn’t happen at loss prevention.” She declared horrified by the display before her.

“They’ve been utterly buttered, defaced.” He expressed unable to believe his eyes.

She took the note from the wall and looked over the words written upon it. It was written in a cursive fashion, presumably to invoke old timey associations yet had been clearly written with the intent of being read by a modern reader.

“Ripped.” She declared looking at the note.

“What?” He inquired.

“From Hell Miss Fay and Mr Smith, sinners will be punished now the way is clear. Catch me when you can. Its signed Jack the Ripper.”

“What? That’s ridiculous. That’s sick.”

“That’s what it says.”

“Sinners will be punished now the way is clear. What does that mean?”

“My guess the rest of the security team were just blocking the way to whatever they are planning. Regardless of what it means we are all grave danger.”


Continues in the Month of Jack Part 2

Published by Alex Burton

My name is Alex Burton. I am a 22-year-old Computing Graduate from the North West of England but computing as you can imagine is not where my dreams truly lie. Having finished University (those unfamiliar with the British education system should note that College and University are separate, and we don’t have middle school) I have been volunteering at two primary schools in my local area. Having received support in both primary and secondary school I wanted to give something back as it were. Terror Firma has its origins in my last year or so of high school but has come a long way since then, I actually found an extremely early draft of my notes a few months ago and well I can scarcely bare to read it. I worked on the setting alongside studying through college and university, and now I feel it’s ready to unveil.

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