29th March 19 – My First Ad

Image: This is the Facebook logo. All rights to the image belong to Facebook.

I ran an advert for my blog through Facebook from the 19th March till about half an hour ago actually within the intent of extending my audience and I’m glad to say this appears to have been successful. I ran the ad in the UK and the USA for people aged 18-35 with one of three relevant interests. The ad had 192 link clicks, 12 likes, 9 shares and 1 love. I came into it without any real expectations and I am more than pleased with the reaction. A few have also liked the Facebook page and joined the Facebook group. Welcome to you all, I’m glad to have you. Ultimately the ad proved most popular in the USA with 148 of the link clicks, I am British (English to be specific) though such a positive reaction from over the pond is very pleasing and honestly a relief.